The Open Door

We are here to guide people to themselves. Every individual has a distinct energetic makeup that influences their strengths, communication style, and approach to life. By providing insights into these energy mechanics, we help people better know and understand themselves and others, leading to a more satisfying, successful, peaceful, and inspiring life.


By empowering individuals and fostering a culture of understanding, empathy, and cooperation, The Open Door helps people unleash their full potential and achieve greater alignment and fulfillment..

Angela DiGiovanni, co-founder

As a dedicated teacher, coach, and mentor, I empower individuals to unlock their full potential by guiding them through a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. With a focus on cultivating self-renewal and self-regulation practices, I help my clients align their talents and passions to create a life filled with joy and purpose. My expertise lies in translating talent into mastery and guiding others to become experts in their chosen pursuits by aligning them with who they are innately. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, I inspire people to achieve fulfillment and realize their dreams.

As a 6/2 MG/Time Bender with an Incarnation Cross of Process (58, 52, 48, 21), I was made for this!

It would be my greatest pleasure and honor to point you back to yourself and show you what you were made for!

Empowered Individuals = Collective Harmony

Our culture is evolving and so is our planet. We are recognizing not only the need for Sovereignty, but also the absolute precious value of it! But there is a huge gap in recognizing it and embracing it. We've been so conditioned and homogenized by our families, our religions, our schools, our health care systems, our governments, etc. that it takes a lot of contemplation to uncover all the ways we have covered up our true identity, nature, and individuality.

Every individual, no matter their age, is here to be seen and heard. We each come with our uniqueness that is vital to the whole… the whole family, the whole tribe, the whole organization, the whole collective. We are One Body with many parts - individuated units of Consciousness. Our individuation is imperative to the Collective function of Wholeness and Harmony.

What a gift to be seen! To be heard! It is our absolute delight and privilege to support and empower others to Know Themselves and to Be Themselves so that they can become the Powerful Creator they are innately designed to be!

You are One of One, a once in a lifetime Cosmic Event! 

We are here to guide you to yourself, to live out your purpose and fulfill the measure of your creation. You are the single best authority for your life.

Human Design Insights

Experience a journey of self-discovery with our Human Design Insights service. We generate a personalized Human Design chart using your birth data, unlocking the secrets of your innate strengths and potential challenges. This service empowers you to make choices more aligned with your authentic self, enhancing personal growth and fulfillment. Dive deep into your unique design with us and uncover the roadmap to your highest potential.

Discover Your Blueprint: Unlock Your Human Design

By unlocking your Human Design, you can reveal your unique strengths, navigate life's challenges, and align more closely with your true potential. Start your journey towards authenticity today and embrace a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Generate your Chart