Microschool Inquiry
Let's begin the process of getting to know each other better and seeing if this is a great fit for you! You may be surprised just how affordable and easily integrated Quantum Human Design can be for you.
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How many students do you anticipate in your micro-school? This will help determine the scope of work and pricing.
What are some of the unique challenges or needs your students and teachers face? Understanding these will help tailor our service to address them effectively.
What is your current curriculum, and what teaching methods do your educators employ? This information can help align Quantum Human Design Services with your existing framework.
How many teachers/guides are in your micro-school? Do your teachers/guides have any prior experience or training in personalized learning approaches, or Human Design specifically? This will help us determine the level of support and coaching that may be required.
What are your micro-school's core values and priorities? We want to ensure that Quantum Human Design complements these values as it is essential for successful integration.
What is the possible budget allocated for implementing this service? This information will help create a feasible plan and pricing structure.
How soon would you like to implement Quantum Human Design? What would you hope to achieve with its implementation? Establishing clear timelines and milestones will help in measuring success.
How often would you like to give and receive feedback on the progress? What communication methods do you prefer? This will ensure open lines of communication and continuous improvement.