IMPACT Success Codex Assessment

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The IMPACT Success Codex Assessment is an innovative tool that empowers business owners, managers, and employees to harness individual strengths and abilities, leading to a more aligned, satisfied, and productive work environment. By providing valuable insights into these codes for each team member enables businesses to recruit effectively, retain top talent, and cultivate a thriving company culture!


IMPACT Success Codex™ Assessment: Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential

Are you a business owner or manager looking to build a thriving company culture? Or an employee seeking better alignment and fulfillment in your work? Look no further! The IMPACT Success Codex™ Assessment is here to REVOLUTIONIZE the way you understand and leverage your team’s unique strengths and abilities!


The IMPACT Success Codex™ is unique to each individual and shows a pathway to their four key areas of success. The Open Door uses this pathway to give an in-depth assessment that provides valuable insights into these key areas to guide everyone in their full potential for impact. We cover one’s Core Essence (Visibility, Brand, Personality), Expression (Authenticity, Communication), Impression (how one is Received/Perceived, First Impression), and Leadership (Notoriety, Sweet Spot in Business, Legacy) . By understanding these essential aspects of each team member, you’ll be able to create a more empowered and productive work environment.


Each IMPACT Success Codex™ Assessment includes:

  • A personalized recruiting sales pitch tailored to each individual’s strengths
  • A summary of their four IMPACT Success Codes, detailing their unique combination of abilities and talents
  • Recommended roles and responsibilities that align with their inherent capabilities
  • Roles and responsibilities that may not be well-suited for them
  • The type of environment they need to thrive
  • How a manager can best leverage their gifts
  • What kind of interference from others could impede their potential to thrive
  • Their natural abilities in leading a team
  • Personal qualities they may not work well with
  • Biggest challenges and how to support them through those challenges
  • Outside factors that may contribute to them slipping into their weaknesses
  • The best ways to communicate with them
  • If they are a company owner, key leadership qualities they lack that are needed in hired help to guide the company holistically and positively

By utilizing the IMPACT Success Codex™ Assessment, you can enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Aligned recruiting
  • Higher employee retention
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Thriving company culture
  • Better communication
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Identify bottlenecks and ways for improvement
  • Custom-tailored support for each team member

Don’t wait any longer to unlock your team’s full potential. Invest in the IMPACT Success Codex™ Assessment today and start building a brighter future for your business and your employees, ultimately saving you time and money!


*This product is for ONE assessment for ONE person. For each order we need the full name, birth date, birth time (precisely as found on birth certificate), and place.

*This assessment is derived from the IMPACT Pathway by The Success Codex